To join SHARPS, sites will need to complete a short intake survey. We have developed the survey to help us accomplish 3 goals:

  1. Understand the type of ASPs being conducted among our hospitals and how this has changed since the start of the collaborative.
  2. Identify how and if our hospitals meet the CDC’s 7 core elements for an effective antimicrobial stewardship program. We are all going to be evaluated on whether we meet these elements. We hope this survey will help you in your future development and improvements for your program.
  3. For those in the SHARPEC point prevalence survey, some of this data will be submitted to the global group so they can describe the hospitals participating. Even if you are not participating in SHARPEC we would like for each hospital to complete the survey.

Please contact Cindy Terrill for more information:

Cindy Terrill, BS, CCRP

Clinical Research Specialist, Pediatrics – Infectious Disease